Mr. Auriemma’s Third Grade

Welcome to Mr. Auriemma and Mrs. McKee’s thrilling third grade classroom. We are honored to have your children as our students in our classroom. Throughout this third grade journey the students will be learning many new and exciting things in all subject areas.

Please check RenWeb daily with your child. The weekly spelling words and all homework assignments will be listed on RenWeb. Also, please check and sign your child’s planner each evening, as they also write down their daily homework in their planners.

Each Thursday the students will bring home their white Thursday folders (envelopes). In the envelopes will be their graded papers and any important notes from the school and classroom.

I ask each evening that all students practice their multiplication times tables, doing so will help them become more proficient in that area of Math. In addition, I would like each student to pray nightly with a grown up or sibling.

If at anytime throughout the year you should have any questions at all feel free to reach out to me by calling me here at the school (772) 461-2232 or by emailing me at

Thank you and I hope you all have a blessed year!

Mr. Auriemma

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